About us

Who we are

Divine Waters Uganda (DWU) is a Christian, charitable service organization (CSO) providing Water, Hygiene & Sanitation and Educational to the communities in Uganda. DWU was established to provide safe drinking water for the people of Uganda who have little or no access to safe water.

As DWU works; it seeks to maintain a firm Christian witness in developing communities regardless of their race, ideology or religion and that is why it employs mainly Christian staff to implement its activities.

DWU works in partnership with national and international stake holders to provide safe water, adequate sanitation, and improved health to the people of Uganda and the DWU staff are empowered to bring health and hope to thousands of communities throughout Uganda.

Through its proven technical expertise in water development, commitment to community-led programming, and innovative WASH promotion strategies, DWU is poised to make a significant impact on the water-stressed communities of Uganda.

Background of the beneficiary community

For the past two decades the people of northern Uganda have suffered the effects of violent conflicts between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) – [a religious rebel group that terrorized rural populations through senseless killings, destruction of property, kidnapping of children, and forced enlistment of child soldiers] and Government forces. 

During this dark and bloody time, hundreds of thousands of northern Ugandans were forced into internally displaced persons (IDP) camps while LRA forces patrolled and looted the countryside. Now communities are rebuilding, but decades of war have destroyed basic infrastructures, disrupted traditional farming practices, and led to a crippling dependence on emergency food aid.

Emotional wounds from the violence have left a people struggling to hold on to hope. Right now DWU‘s, Northern Uganda projects target former IDPs in an  attempt to resettle and rebuild their communities, which provides a natural entrance strategy for WASH programs using participatory methods.

Our Philosophy


We envision a whole man living with hope in a healthy Community environment

Mission Statement

We are bound servants dedicated in providing safe drinking Water, adequate Sanitation, good Hygiene (WASH), and building society capacities for sustainable development through good and faithful managerial practices.


  • Providing clean and safe water, sanitation, health and hygiene (WASH) to the rural communities.
  • Providing skills for repairs and maintenance of WASH facilities
  • Evangelize and empower Christian leadership through local churches
  • Promote educational support through: girl child education, through apprentice programs and child sponsorship.
  • Provide credit to energize economically active rural poor


DWU goal is to establish the face of hope to desperate people of Uganda by developing communities into healthy places to live.

This is done by:

  • Improving the livelihood of the local communities
  • Building the capacity of the local communities for self sustainability
  • Glorifying God in our lives
  • Furthering God’s kingdom

Core Values

Given our Christian commitment to lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and our public testimony, we strive for integrity in personal and corporate society at all times.

Realizing that we are servants entrusted by the Lord to take good care of his creation, we are committed to faithful stewardship of God’s resources for the service to all people and at all times with understanding that God supports his servants through their faithful services.

We believe strongly in quality service to the community; seeking lasting solution for community needs and multiplying the effectiveness of our community by raising their face for hope

We are dedicated to providing both physical and spiritual waters that quench the inner craving of a whole man by demonstrating the love of our savior Jesus Christ, through physical provision and evangelism.

We are bound servants dedicated to service of others as a priority and an expression of Jesus heart of service. Withholding nothing to ourselves for personal advantage or gains, but use the available resources for the expansion of God’s Kingdom to this crooked generation.