Strategic Focus Areas

Strategic Focus Areas

DWU Staffing

We believe in working together collaboratively as a country team, mobilizing the best of our strengths and experience, and supporting one another both personally and professionally.

Holistic Development

We are committed Christians, dedicated to drawing people into deeper relationship with God through Christ, and loving God’s human and natural creation in an active and holistic way.

Integrated Programming

We plan for our development work to maintain an integrated focus. Divine Waters Uganda will continue to participate in relevant and appropriate development interventions while giving opportunity for varied/holistic growth of communities.

Partnership and Sustainability

To improve local ownership in the areas where we already work, our team will share ideas during the planning process and look for possibilities for matching funds. Our program staff also continue discussions with local partner organizations regarding the value and necessity of local ownership.

Collaborative Effort

While we already work in collaboration with other departments within our local partner organizations as well as with external organizations, NGOs and government, we plan to continue to encourage collaboration, as Divine Waters Uganda and also of our local partners.

Capacity Building

We see the importance and make a commitment to having indicators to assess capacity building at the level of Divine Waters Uganda, our local communities in which we work.


We recognize that as Christians working in a predominantly agricultural society we have an obligation to stress the importance of environmental stewardship in our Divine Waters Uganda office as well as our work with local communities.