Hygiene & Sanitation

Hygiene & Sanitation

DWU has built over 288 Stances (Latrines) since 2001 benefiting 155,802 Ugandans

Poor Sanitation and Hygiene is a cross-cutting health concern in the whole Uganda especially in the rural villages, this has led to diarrheal diseases, which are responsible for 17% of all deaths of children under five (World Health Organization).

One of the main hygiene and sanitation issue is Average Latrine coverage which is estimated at about 36% throughout Urban and Rural Uganda with low response towards waste management with rampant toxic garbage burning throughout the region causing uncontrolled pollution.

Our Intervention

Latrine Construction

Divine Waters Uganda (DWU) in partnership with her Partners and Other Development Agencies is implements a range of activities

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Trainings - Good WASH Practices

Hand Washing Facilities